Friday, October 03, 2003

listen | michelle branch

mann...i need to get some more cds...cdscdscds.
3 doors down
stacie orrico

hMm. 3 day weekend. is vicky going to go visit the army place and get information? [shrugs]. connie is moving tomorrow..no more running up to vicky and randomly poking her..no more knocking on people's doors and begging for food...no more talking about random stuff. ....[sigh]. everyone's moving...everyone's leaving. ...going ..going ..gone.

threatening letters. people suspended. [sigh] man. don't write stuff down. you just need to talk to them...cus then you won't get carried away...

" When everybody's got a reason..i feel like giving up.."

everybody's changed...so much. sisi ming jessica jett teresa connie alex ...everyone came outside..or came to mark 6 and visited...they're all so different now...3 ppl from bellaire. 3 from pershing. one from lanier...everyone got into these little groups..unlike last year..when we all hung out together. this time..everyone had their own little inside jokes that no one else got...everyone was talking about how awesome school is...and ..yea.. i guess i really am missing the way things used to be...but then again..[sigh] i dont know. i just feel a little...alone. i guess...left out ?. but yet..i don't care. at least i think i do..but maybe thats just me telling myself that so i won't feel bad for myself... i guess i do sort of feel that way...
like at times when you're around some friends..they'll say hi. you say hi. then all of a sudden it's like you're no longer there anymore...and when you leave, they don't notice, like they do when one of them leaves. when you come back. they think you've been there all along...sometimes. they have all these inside jokes..and they tell it to each other and start laughing and being like " omg! yea! hahahha i remember!" right in front of you..right in front of your face. and you sit there. not understanding a word taht theyre saying... and wishing that you could be somewhere else. because there's no point in you being there. [sigh]. i don't want stuff like " omg! i'm so sorry..i didn't know! i didn't mean it!" ...i just. want them to know.

then the few people i can actually talk to... i dont have that many classes with. i have at the most..2 classes with some of them..others none.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

i love you chris.
xanga won't post. so i guess i'll post here.
my back hurts so much right now. i guess it's because i fell off of something when i was little, or from sliding down the wall and hitting the wooden thing at rice, or just because i keep popping it. [sigh] and my head hurts from worrying about everything and feeling so out of it so much. i'm always like this now. it wont go away. and when it does, it always comes back.

i have to write up 11 entries by monday for mr yeargin because apparently i didn't read the contract that he passed out in the beginning of the year. but i did. and i didn't see a single thing about how we were supposed to write at least once everyday. agh and i can't afford another bad grade in ms grimm's class because i already have a 75 on my journal . we kept messing up and stuttering during our group presentation for the geography project. tomorrow we have to continue, but we cant start over. she seemed annoyed by us. ms pace is letting me test for algebra 2 ...gee. i dont think i care much now. i mean i do. but i'm worrying more about us history right now. [sigh]. i have to pass. with high grades. high a's. please. i know my parents dont care as much as i care now about my grades. [sigh]

yea you bleed just to know you're alive...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

4:05 PM

at the teahouse ...haven't been there...since...the last concert..we had..last year.. haha yea..it was me janet and christine...we bought sushi at randalls, and then we went over to the teahouse and started ta pig out. :) whoohooo. then we got janet to try wasabi!!! hahaha ..hmm.then chinese checkers..we were almost done too! and then it was like 5 minutes before the concert...we were like " omg! five more minuteS!!! and then i won . o yeaaaaaa...haha then we ran all the way back... good times. good times.

hmm well...im stayin afterschool today...yup..dont reallly have anything to do...i'm actually supposed to take the bus home....chris is comin afterschool today. yippeeeee...:D. yea..so im here waiting... i should be doing my homework...the " whats good about the USA essay. but..uh. i can't think of anything.

Monday, August 18, 2003

first day of school
it was a pretty cruddy day...but i dunno. maybe tomorrow'll be better..<--haha! optimism yall. go me!. thats a first. ok. neways
p1- hollinger ipc
p2 pace algebra
p3 orchestra tittworth
p4 english yeargin
r1 gym roesler!!..i wanted dempsey.
r2 us history grimm
r3 german nielson..i dont have german with clayton!
r4 enrichment grimm


Friday, August 15, 2003


hallo vickyyyyyy its patty the great one here......hmmm im bored k later. oh yeah becca told me that clayton still likes you. haha..
wear| shirt. shorts
read| harry potter & the order of the phoenix
hear| the exies
feel | slightly light headed
eat | frosted mini wheaTs
time| 6:58 PM

hMm. last day of summer. dumdeedum. 8th grade. yay? not really anticipating it.

things i did today
went online
went to optomotrist
watched | ashley judd- style star |
watched | diary - brittany murphy |
went to teresas house
got to stay home alone today...without dad. finally. he's been home the last few weeks. forcing me to read and take notes and do more work.

things i need to do
practice violin
ask mom if i can really do something this weekend
see chris.
talk to chris
get locker shelf from teresa

hmM..im getting quite diZzy...#_* <--sort of like that.
7:08 PM

first posting.

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